The World calls to us now urgently

Parisian crowd holding banner We send our love and best wishes to colleagues and friends shocked by recent events in France, Pakistan, and Nigeria, to name but three. The world calls to us now urgently.

Each of us is called to think, feel, speak and act more wisely, more connectedly and powerfully.

Each of us is called to bring to life the singular combination of gifts and talents we carry. We are not to hide. And crucially – because we have tended not to do these things well or for long enough, because we need to change – we are called to find collective and individual practices that sustain and deepen this.

While the call is pressing and many of its implications hard, we should not believe it is only onerous. We are called to remember beauty and joy as much as to realise grief and regret. A call to lighten up as much as to get down. To come home as much as journey into strange new lands. There is much to be glad about in this call.

Human beings have met each self-inflicted indignity of our history by reaching further into Possibility with a reassertion that our fullest potential is our most worthwhile destination. At each failure someone somewhere responded defiantly by drawing the circle of human life a little bigger, a little more inclusive. “We are all us,” we declare in the face of the slaver, the bigot, the misogynist, the fascist, the terrorist.

Each wave of human history leaves a tidal mark of human dignity higher up the beach more inclusive, more complex, more comprehensive.
So, even as we experience the multiple crises that grip us, we can remind ourselves that our present overwhelm is evidence of our future ambition, and that is hopeful.

We are urgently called to be powerful and compassionate in our actions.

Across the centuries this call has been an invitation. But now the world needs us. It demands us. We are urgently called to be powerful and compassionate in our actions, wise in our discretion and choices, ever-widening in our circle of concern and inclusion.

To transform our collective structures and processes we must individually be prepared to take a stand, and to forge relationships that have purpose and perseverance.

Standing before all these possible futures, both threatening and hoped for – we can commit to matching the centrifugal forces of the next decades with a centre that is calm, connected, enlivened and empowered.

And – in so doing – through our full presence, we may calm, empower, enliven and bless others.