FREE Webinar: How to establish an ongoing Leadership Embodiment practice?

Webinar:- The art of cultivating Leadership Embodiment as a practice and the place of a Leadership Embodiment Intermediate (level 2) training in that.

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Leadership Embodiment Intermediate workshops

On 15th October 2013 James Knight and Anouk Brack hosted a webinar exploring the unique benefits of joining a Leadership Embodiment Intermediate (LEI / level 2) training. The webinar included an overview of the Leadership Embodiment (LE) principles and framework, a guided embodiment exercise, valuable tips on successfully embedding LE into your life.

The intended audience was people who have completed a Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals (LEF / level 1) training. (But if you haven’t yet and are interested in Leadership Embodiment, you will still enjoy and get insights out of listening.)

The webinar explored:

  • The framework and principles of Leadership Embodiment; like the 3 competences, the 3 centres in the body, the 2 states of being, etc.
  • Using the 4 part centering practice for optimizing the effects of online meetings (like this webinar).
  • The benefits of continued practice and valuable tips on how to get a leadership embodiment practice firmly embedded in your daily life.
  • What makes the level 2 training different from a level 1?
  • Some juicy examples of insights and exercises from a typical level 2.

Whether you join us in a LEI training or not, listening this webinar will remind you of all the good stuff LE can bring and will inspire you to revive your practice the way you see fit.

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