The Leadership Embodiment Pathway

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Leadership Embodiment provides both tools for immediate use and effect and a longer, deeper journey of exploration and development. We invite you to join the Leadership Embodiment Pathway.

To grow in any skill, practice is essential. Leadership presence is based in the body: since non-verbal communication accounts for 70% of any message, aligning our physical and verbal messages is essential.

The body learns more slowly than the mind: steadily, through contrast, exaggeration and mid-course correction.


Our Fundamentals course provides an entry point into the Leadership Embodiment Pathway, giving you practices that grow your skill and  capacity to recover your center under pressure, to develop your capacity to thrive under pressure. Working in pairs, we chunk learning down into simple physical exercises.

Individual debrief and group discussions create a dynamic learning container. Through simple exercises, applying light pressure, you learn to recognize your patterns under pressure.  Once you are familiar with your pattern, centering practices to help you shift to a more creative, compassionate and skilful state.

The Fundamentals Course will introduce you to:

Learn about our Fundamentals workshops.


Building on the foundation of the Fundamentals, the Intermediate course gives you an opportunity to explore your patterns and centering practice within more challenging exercises.

Now you are familiar with the language and principals of the LE model, more advanced dynamics are introduced into the group. Exercises will continue to be debriefed between individuals and the group.

The Intermediate Level 2 course will both deepen the work from the Foundation level and introduce you to:

Learn about our Intermediate workshops.


A Fundamentals course is required for you to be able to take a retreat

At Retreats the LE community comes together for more intensive practice of the work. The retreat intensive involves sitting meditation practices and LE exercises.  Exercises are practiced for a silent 30 minute period, giving us a chance to deepen our practice.

Wendy Palmer, the founder of LE is the lead instructor for all retreats. Wendy leads the group in 30 min meditations throughout the day.


Retreats in the UK will be held in the wonderful setting of Samye Ling Tibetan monastery in Scotland. The next retreat is in May 2016.

Coach Training

If you have experienced the work, have a background in facilitation or coaching and want to share it with others or use it in your practice, please consider our Coach Training. This nine month training is a follow-on to the main LE Path of L1, L2, and a Retreat. The Coach Training gives a full package of support and instruction for integrating these practices to use with clients.

To learn more about this training, please contact the Centre for Embodied Wisdom.