Leadership Embodiment Coach Training Overview

If you have experienced Leadership Embodiment, have a background in facilitation or coaching and want to share it with others or use it in your practice, our Coach Training is the way to go.


Following on from the LE Pathway of the Fundamentals and Intermediate courses and the retreat, the Coach Training offers a full package of support and instruction for integrating this practice into your work with clients.

Leadership Embodiment is a stand-alone embodied coaching model, as well as serving as a somatic component alongside other coaching models. The somatic exercises have equivalent conversational exercises so that clients can be worked with in multiple modalities. The LE training is tailored to professional coaches and facilitators and conveys the skills we need to offer a range of training exercises, working with individuals as well as small teams or groups.

I highly recommend the Leadership Embodiment Coach training. It has taught me so much about “the how” of leadership presence. Many, many theories and methods describe mostly “the what” – we need to be more embodied, more compassionate, etc. Great idea, but how?! On a good day everyone can do it. Under pressure, it all goes down the drain, unless you practice the 4-step centering process of Leadership Embodiment.

The teacher training has completed the puzzle of my toolkit: I support people in becoming both more authentic and more effective. Cultivating an embodied presence is the foundation of everything else I use in my training and coaching: skills, knowledge, models, competence building, integral approach to sustainability leadership.

What do we do as LE Coaches?

We study the body. We help our clients understand how their own stress responses arise, and offer them skilful alternatives based on powerful centering practices. Working with their body directly and giving them these quick, simple tools to do the same for themselves, we open up straightforward ways of accessing more skilful, effective and compassionate responses to stress.

The LECT Offering

The Leadership Embodiment Coach Training programme (LECT) offers participants the opportunity to deepen their experience of the practices and principals of the LE model and strengthen their capacity to share the work skilfully with others.

The LE model is based on our capacity to know ourselves and continue to find ways to share our potential for wise and compassionate action under pressure. As a community of learners we deepen our capacity to support the growth of this work both internally –  through meditation and personal practice – and externally – leading and coaching individuals, groups and teams.

Like any endeavour that is worthwhile, it takes commitment and effort to go beyond our personal challenges and extend our selves, reaching into the LE community for support and training, and beyond into the greater community of people we work with and are committed to empowering. This training is an invitation to go beyond your comfort zone and grow your capacity to stay engaged – to be a model of a work in progress.

Training: Sessions and Practice

The 9-month LECT program consists of 5 training sessions; each is typically 3 days long. Sessions are held every 2 to 3 months from the start of the program year.

In addition to the training sessions, trainees will:-

  • Receive individual coaching from Session Instructors (Wendy and Tiphani Palmer)
  • Receive mentor coaching from LE Associates
  • Be assigned to a trainee practice group for the duration of the training, meeting or Skyping at least twice between the training session blocks
  • Take on at least one practice coaching client for a minimum of 8 sessions. Some of these sessions may be recorded to enable feedback.

Completion of these training adjuncts is necessary for certified completion of the course. In case of family or medical emergency, accommodations can be made. Otherwise, make-up work will be at the trainee’s expense.


Meditation is an integral part of the training, and participants are asked to engage in a minimum of 15 minutes of meditation per day. Participants will be asked to report on their meditation experiences or insights at the beginning of every training session.


Participants receive a Training Binder that includes schedules, programme guidelines, and the training manual. Participants are also given access to an online Teachers Community Portal and are expected to log into and use that site for communication, reporting and discussion throughout the course. (The portal will be a continuing community resource.)


Graduation and Certification

Upon graduation from the LECT programme, participants will be certified in the LE model and entitled to use it with groups, organizations and individuals. Graduates receive a range of privileges and offerings, including access to professional association, ongoing teaching community participation, and special courses. (LECT programme graduates that are interested in teaching the LE Fundamentals as a public workshop will need additional training modules.)

LECT Prerequisites

Trainees are expected to have completed the Fundamentals and Intermediate courses, and a Retreat before commencing the LECT.

LECT Exercises

  • Partner Centering  – Centering in Conversation
  • Advocating with Resistance – Conversation & Speaking 5 ways
  • Bokken strikes for Advocating & 4 directions exercise
  • Advocating / Listening
  • Leader / Follower
  • Entering and Including
  • Two Step
  • Success

Want to be kept informed?

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