We help leaders – like managers, teachers, and parents – to connect more deeply with themselves and others, to align actions with vision, and to thrive under pressure so that we all achieve more meaningful results.


The Centre for Embodied Wisdom was founded in 2013 by John Tuite, James Knight, and Anouk Brack.

Why? Because…

Centre for Embodied Wisdom breakfast

…In these loud and fast times, where it is so easy to get overwhelmed and off course, we feel called to offer an alternative, powerful approach that offers tools both for an immediate shift in ourselves and a life-long journey.

The Centre is rooted in the Leadership Embodiment method, created by Wendy Palmer. This is a method to practice presence, confidence, compassion and clarity, particularly under pressure.

Alongside Leadership Embodiment we bring decades of experience and expertise in various wisdom traditions and their applications to modern life.

What we offer

We offer resources and support to cultivate your embodied wisdom both immediately and in the long run.

We create ongoing free resources, online and offline meet-ups, coaching, workshops and online development programmes.

All of our offerings develop courageous and compassionate personal and organisational leadership to meet the pressing needs of the new century.

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